New Illinois Driver’s Licenses and State ID Cards

Some tips and additional details on the new Illinois driver’s licenses and ID cards

During the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s (ILCC) recent regional informational tour (see following story), the topic generating the most discussion was the new design and issuing process for Illinois driver’s licenses and state ID cards.

Check for new driver’s license infoThese new cards are currently being issued to Safe Driver Renewal applicants with the new central issuance procedure expected to be in place at all Illinois Secretary of State driver services facilities by the end of July.

New Illinois Drivers License

As these new IDs begin hitting the marketplace, the ILCC is recommending all Illinois liquor retailers to revise and/or develop a company policy regarding what types of IDs will be accepted and under what circumstances.

Please note that those renewing their driver’s license under the new procedure will receive a temporary paper driver’s license (valid for 45 days) plus their old card with a hole punched in it. Therefore, retailers should request BOTH the temporary paper license and the old, hole-punched ID when selling or serving alcohol. One suggested policy is to require both of the above documents for alcohol purchases if you believe the customer is under the age of 35 years.

“ID scanning software may not work as expected with the paper license and new ID cards, so using technology should always being considered a secondary, not primary, measure for checking IDs,” says ILCC Education Manager Ted Penesis. “Your best defense is to require customers to pull the ID out of their wallet. This allows you to better scrutinize both the customer as well as photo and text on the card.”

“Remember, many fake IDs are already good enough to be scanned,” he adds. “Because of this, physically touching the cards and looking closely at the security features are often the only techniques to determine whether it is a counterfeit ID. To truly understand how to properly check an ID, we recommend attending a Beverage Alcohol Seller/Server Education & Training (BASSET) class.”

The Illinois Secretary of State expects drivers to receive their higher quality, more secure card in the mail within 15 business days after renewal. This new process meets the REAL ID requirements mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which offers increased fraud protection for cardholders.

To learn more about how to check IDs for selling/serving alcohol, see the following article about the importance of receiving your BASSET certification.

ILCC eNewsletter June 2016

ILCC eNewsletter June 2016

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