Illinois Liquor License Resale Renewals

Illinois Liquor License easy online application and renewal.

ILL Instructional videos.

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission Licensing Division has developed a short, easy to follow video tutorial to get your quickly renewes.

After going through the process, you’ll be wondering why you have not renewed online before! Once your account has been activated, you’ll have instant 24/7 electronic access to a variety of important tasks such as printing out your license whenever you wish, changing ownership information, submitting brand registrations, making payments, and more.

Illinois Liquor License other information

Licensing Division Overview:
The Licensing Division is responsible for reviewing state liquor applications and issuing more than 200 new and 2,000 Illinois Liquor licenses renewals every month. There are 29 different license categories – including airplanes, trains, liquor stores, non-beverage users, out-of-state distributors, special events, non-resident dealers, national and foreign licensing, and brand registration. This Division has staff in both the Chicago and Springfield offices and provides assistance to licensees to facilitate the license issuance process.

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How do I renew my license through MyTax Illinois?

Log into your MyTax Illinois account by visiting on the web for illinois liquor license renewals.
Click on the “Renew” link next to the expiration date or “Renew Liquor License” under the “I WANT TO” menu in the left sidebar.
Enter the information and provide attachments as requested – option to add attachment in left sidebar menu.
Note: Processing of renewals generally takes about 1-5 business days. When it has been processed, you will be able to view and print your new license from the “Letters” tab of your MyTax Illinois account. We will also mail a copy of your new license once the renewal is processed.

If you already have a MyTax Illinois account but do not have your ILCC access set up, follow these steps:
Log into your MyTax Illinois account by visiting on the web.
Click “Add access to another account” located on the left side of the page.
Select “Liquor Control Commission” from the drop down list.
Enter the required information to verify your right to access the ILCC account.
Click “Submit” on the upper right portion of the screen.

Illinois Liquor License division issues approximately 28,000 state liquor licenses each year at various classifications for the liquor industry. Strict qualifying criteria must be followed to obtain a liquor license as defined in the Illinois Liquor Control Act, which includes ownership information, local licensing, tax status and sales tax history. Revenues collected from liquor license fees fund all Commission operations.

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