$6.99 - For peace of mind.
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When you complete your training you get awarded your TEMPORARY BASSET certificate that lasts for 30 days. Within those 30 days the State (ILCC) processes your information and sends out your OFFICIAL BASSET card by mail, BUT, this doesn't always go to plan. Allow us to keep track of this process for you. We email your official BASSET card to you the day it is processed by the State (usually 5 - 7 days). We keep track of any issues and stay on-top of your certification for the full 3 years. Change of address, change of last name, lost cards, we are there for you all the way.
Of our customers choose SwiftCert add-on to their course.
For peace of mind. You just wait for the email form us with your OFFICIAL State certificate.
We email you your OFFICIAL State BASSET card the day the state process it. 
We will follow up with the State (ILCC) to make sure your BASSET card is processed correctly and on time.
Lost Card?
Just contact us and we will email it out to you whenever you need it.
Just email us at any stage over the 3 years your BASSET card lasts and we will make sure all changes are processed by the state.

79% of our customers Choose the SwiftCert   add-on.

*79% is the correct figure at time this article was published.

Change of address, change of name, lost cards, replacement cards...WE look after it all...

As these are offered to all of our customers the SwiftCert add-on makes sure you come first with our priority support your concerns and put to the front of the line.

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