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Illinois Liquor Laws
Underage Drinking and Parental Responsibility

If you work in Cook County you are required by law to have BASSET Training.

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As of July 1, 2015, all servers of alcohol and bouncers who check ID must have their BASSET certification in order to work in Cook County.

All new hires must have certification within 120 days of being hired.
All Illinois BASSET cardholders must renew their certification every three years.

BASSET Certification Required By July 1, 2016
Champaign County
DuPage County
Kane County
Lake County
Madison County
McHenry County
St. Clair County
Will County
Winnebago County

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Take your Certification Course today! Our certification courses provide you with the knowledge and techniques to be a responsible alcohol seller. The Illinois alcohol server certification is taken 100% online so you can get your license in a simple and hassle-free way. Some course content is provided by, and is approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

Illinois BASSET

The purpose of this program:
(a) provide information to sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse; and
(b) to provide the necessary skill development techniques to identify and/or intervene with patron use problems thereby reducing the incidence of patron misuse.

Q: What will I learn in a BASSET class?
A: State-licensed BASSET programs provide training in areas ranging from prevention/intervention strategies to age-verification techniques. Participants will know how to recognize when a patron is intoxicated and has been over served. Servers will be taught behavioral cues and signs to spot when someone is intoxicated. They will be taught what to say and how to handle an intoxicated patron to discontinue service of alcohol at a liquor establishment. Training programs properly instruct sellers/servers regarding age-verification techniques, which can deter underage sales and service.

Illinois basset $13.99
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